How to choose an SFA tool

 SFA tool is an acronym for "Sales Force Automation," and is called a sales support system in Japanese. It is a tool to visualize the activities of sales representatives in order to maximize sales and profits.

Many SFA tools are equipped with the following functions.

Customer management functions

Sales activity management

Daily report creation

Quotation/invoice creation

ToDo function

Sales management

Forecast management

User customization

Report function

However, it is important to note that if you focus only on the functions, the introduction of SFA  may end up lowering sales efficiency because salespeople may not be able to use it.

Whether the cost effectiveness is high or not

Is the system equipped with adequate functions?

Whether the system is easy for users to use

Vendor's support system

Can the system be used on the road?

Is API integration possible?

Does it have a CSV output function?

Availability of notification function

Branch agency management function

Email distribution function

Business card management function

Encryption of attached files

Select by the type of service provided.

From the above, choose the one that is necessary and sufficient for your company.

The more functions you have, the higher the cost tends to be.

Since it is difficult to switch after the system is introduced, it is recommended to select the best SFA for your company by cutting out unnecessary functions or functions that can be replaced by others.

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